What Happens During A Tattoo Consultation?

At Skins and Needles, we offer FREE consultations for all of our customers. By offering consultations, our customers can meet their artist beforehand, go over any design preferences and build a connection with us before their appointment.  


What Happens in a Tattoo Consultation?

Consultations are an opportunity for our customers to meet their artist before the appointment, get into more detail with the design and the preferences they have for the tattoo, as well as speak about any questions or queries they might have.  


Will I See My Design during my Consultation?

All of the artists within the studio draw their design 48 hours prior to the appointment time, rather than the consultation. Unless previously agreed with your artist, our artists use consultations as an opportunity to get more details about your vision.  


How Long Do Tattoo Consultations Last?

Consultations within Skins and Needles typically last between 15 and 30 minutes.  


Do I Have to Come in for a Consultation?

Consultations are totally optional! We offer these to let our customers get a better understanding of the process, build a relationship with their artist and feel more comfortable throughout the entire experience – we know it can be daunting! Our customers are given allocated time during their actual tattooing appointment to go over their design and make any changes/adaptations!  



Bring reference photos to your consultation! Our artists love to see your ideas in person, and by giving us references they’re able to create bespoke designs tailored specifically to you! 

Are you or someone you know thinking of coming in for a FREE consultation? CLICK HERE to get in touch with the team! 

The Skins & Needles Team

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