Peter Allan

Peter Allan began his apprenticeship with us here at Skins and Needles 5 years ago, and has been professionally tattooing for 3 years now. He has always had an unconditional love and appreciation of art so he knew this would be his calling in life.

Peter has passion for photo realism and has expanded his skills in this style to be able to produce both colour and black and grey realism pieces. He is self critical of his own work, as he’s determined to always develop, improve and grow; he believes “there is no end goal as you can only just get better and better”. He is very proud of his work and would love to be given the opportunity to do more iconic characters from movies or games in a realism element.

In addition, he’s such a positive and fun individual who goes the extra mile to take care of his clients and to create the perfect design for them.

Peter explained to us his thoughts on working for us: “It’s the biggest studio in the area with the best reputation; everyday I can wake up and feel excited about going to work. I work with some amazingly talented people and it’s never a dull day in the studio”.