Fine Line
Melany began her journey in the industry 4 years ago, and joined us around 1.5 years ago; she initially started as a guest artist, and then decided to become a resident artist. She has mastered a beautifully delicate art form for which she practically produces a tattoo of which looks only slightly etched into the skin due to its exquisitely fine line minimalistic look. Melany uses a particular needle brand which supply a singular needle for her to master her tattooing style, this is extremely difficult to control and pull off which is always so impressive each and every time we see her produce a tattoo!

Melany has a bubbly personality and brings so much positivity to the studio. We always receive lovely feedback from clients about how lovely and caring she is towards her clients and she always makes them feel at ease. She stands out not only for her incredibly unique style and talented self, but also for her kindness and warm personality; she puts great effort to making her clients feel safe and comfortable.

She is a very creative artist who is inspired by nature and appreciates any sorts of art. She is passionate about traveling and getting her work out there through guest spots and conventions, she loves guesting with us in our Durham branch too!