Mark Sib

Watercolour & Neo-traditional
Mark is a junior artist and becoming an artist was something he kind of just fell into. He had tried a lot of different college courses, game design, media studies, music, art and design (fashion) for example. He was about 21-22 and very unsure about what he wanted to do so one day he just sat down and he drew a portrait of Johnny Depp, it turned out really well and realised he could draw when he put my mind to it. Mark then started sketching cartoon characters and taking it more seriously.


Mark watched a lot of Disney as a kid and wanted to be a 2D animator, but industries evolve and the 2D element was a dying art so ended up doing concept art at university. All the while he was actually getting tattooed at Skins & Needles and used this time to ask a lot of questions. Concept art wasn’t appealing to Mark so he thought he could try tattooing, and the more he learnt the more he loved it and set out trying to get an apprenticeship.

His grandad has always been an incredible artist, he could draw anything. His parents have always been artistic too so it almost came naturally to Mark.


He is heavily influenced and loves to do anything pop culture, particularly Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Disney, 90s cartoons etc. He takes inspiration from tv shows, movies and animations he grew up with. as well as watercolour paintings and other sketchy colourful artwork.