Mark Sib

Watercolour & Neo-traditional
Mark is a junior tattoo artist and one of our newest members of the team. Becoming an artist was something he kind of just fell into; he had tried a lot of different college courses, such as game design, media studies, music, art and design (fashion), etc. He was in his early 20s and very unsure about what he truly wanted to do, until one day he realised he had a talent for drawing. He then started sketching cartoon characters and taking it more seriously. All the while, he was actually getting tattooed at Skins & Needles and used this time to ask a lot of questions and learn about the industry as well as our brand. Tattooing became incredibly intriguing, and the more he learned, the more he knew he wanted to be a tattooist; he began putting a portfolio together and got an apprenticeship

He is heavily influenced and loves to do anything pop culture, particularly Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Disney, 90s cartoons etc. He takes inspiration from tv shows, movies and animations he grew up with, as well as watercolour paintings and other sketchy colourful artwork.

In his own words, ‘’since starting at Skins I’ve felt nothing but welcome; the studio feels like one big family, everyone helps each other. The vibe is super chill and relaxed, and there aren’t any stations where you feel unwelcome in. The people here are 90% of the reason I get up to go to work; it’s just an incredible place to be’’.