Lenny Matthews

Japanese Style & Realism
Lenny has been in the tattoo industry for 10 years now; when he initially had his first tattoo done, he was amazed and mesmerised by the process and in that moment felt this would be his career.

Lenny particularly loves working in black and grey; if given the choice, he would love to do more Japanese pieces with realism aspects as he is fascinated with the flow of these sleeves and enjoys being able to add his own realistic twist; in addition, he also truly enjoys drawing and tattooing skulls and bones. He is extremely talented at free hand drawing with no reference, and much prefers putting pencil to paper rather than drawing digitally.

He is an ambitious artist who loves how challenging tattooing is and the spontaneity of the job, as each day is like no other. Lenny gives off a special approachable and friendly vibe, and likes to take care of every single client of his.