Leah Lisle

Leah is our youngest tattooer and has been tattooing for two years now. Her work tends to show bold linework forming swirls and images alike Maori would be created but in her very own unique style of which she has personally created.

She found a love for tattooing due to enjoying producing compositions and lining up images against the contours of the body, this involves free handing a lot of her work which is such a talent due to her age and experience in tattooing to have that level of confidence. This is very complimenting as an artists when a client trusts you to work in this format due to you not being able to produce an idea of design prior.

Her style includes sprawling floral pieces and surrealist work, Leah describes her unique style as “sludgy, marshland fantasy world meets Teesside steelwork. She loves being able to produce and create original unique designs for each and every client and how she is able to create a story for each piece.