Stipple & Blackwork
Gonzalo has been tattooing for 13 years and started off with guest spots here and there with us, now he is a truly loved asset to our team appreciated by our artists, staff and clients. He is self made, teaching himself to tattoo back home in Lisbon, Portugal motivated by his love for art and the beauty of giving people artwork to carry with them for life.

He specialises in black and grey realism, Gonzalos opaque pieces never fail to amaze us as they are so surreal, this style of realism is a great way to cover old tattoos and this is something he is extremely talented at, a lot of clients give him the freedom of design fully trusting he is going to produce an amazing piece from the evidence of his portfolio.

Gonzalo is very grateful and humble for the career path he leads and the friendships he develops along the way, he says he is “Proud to be a part of the Skins and Needles family” and that he wants to keep growing along side us.