Jay Quinn

Blackwork & Realism
Jay Quinn came to us for an apprenticeship a few years ago and he well and truly deserves to be the amazing tattooist he is now. Jay put everything into his apprenticeship and had a very strong passion for the tattoo industry, which he displayed throughout his time training.

He is very skilled in a Gothic style for which he has developed over the years of finding his own style; he is able to transform his style to accompany each and every client whether they want a Nordic piece or a feminine piece, etc. Jay really enjoys pushing himself to develop and learn new skillsets within the realm of blackwork. The progression of tattooing is the most important thing to him personally.

He loves the trust his clientele gives him as just from his portfolio they give him a lot of freedom with his designs knowing he will produce them an amazing piece. Some of the reasons behind this trust and loyalty from his clients is his positive approach, his meticulous focus on detail, and his ability to adjust to each individual and to fulfil their personal expectations.