Claire Richards

Black & Grey Realism & Portraits
With 8 years of experience in the tattoo industry, Claire specialises in black and grey realism, as well as portraits. Prior to joining us, she had worked in smaller studios and has expressed her satisfaction with the experience of working in a larger environment; in fact, she is always extremely welcoming to our international guest artists and exchanging advice too.

She is constantly in high demand from our clients for her mesmerising memorial portraits, as she puts so much care and thought into her work; with every single portrait, she always invests time and effort in learning about the connection and goes above and beyond to master each feature. Portraits can be very challenging and it takes a lot of trust in an artist to bring one to life; we feel lucky to have an artist who works in so much detail to be able to produce these to perfection.

In addition, Claire adores creating horror pieces and would love the opportunity to increase her experience with these, as her knowledge in regards to portraits allows her to produce some outstanding horror pieces with ridiculous amounts of detail.

She is very grateful for the creative release that tattooing brings her and the tattoo industry is a significant factor of her life. She is a huge asset to our studio; she always has us and her clients laughing throughout the day; clients always feel relaxed and at ease around her.