Antonio Sav

Realism, Portraits & Gothic
Antonio Sav started his apprenticeship an impressive 21 years ago and never looked back, as he knew tattooing would be his path from an early age. He started his journey in Romania learning the art form until he was the legal age to begin tattooing.

He describes his style as a story of emotions translated into an image made to remember for a lifetime of who we are deep inside. He enjoys learning about peoples stories and produces a design upon this which shows his passion for his clients love for his artwork.

He loves realism, portraits and gothic art and impresses us consistently by drawing directly onto the client once talking over the design (this is also how tattoos were produced for the marking of a warrior with traditional Maori). He enjoys being able to free hand designs on as this way all tattoos are completely unique, exclusive and personalised for each individual.

Antonio tells us how there is nothing better in life than tattooing, which brings us great pride. “I love Skins because it continuously brings me what I need the most in my life right now: a place to create what I trained to do all my life, an amazing environment with professional friendly people. It’s truly a place to grow in harmony”.