Adam Hawkes

Adam Hawkes (30) has been a tattooist for 13 years, he has been a loyal artist of Skins and Needles for 8/9 years of this time. He is a self-taught realism artist but is always switching up his game working in various different styles, when it comes to realism he loves to work both in both black and grey as well as colour.

Given the opportunity he would love to do more back pieces, he loves to work on a large-scale canvas, as it gives him the chance to be creative with a certain theme or unique custom design. We asked Adam what his favourite aspect of his job is for which he told us “meeting new people and working with their ideas to produce a creative design”. We also asked him where he gets his inspiration which he responded with “Working around so many great artists”. He also told us the thing he loves about working at Skins and Needles is that he gets to have “so much artistic freedom to do your own thing”.

He has a deeply loyal client base and is extremely popular with our clientele; he is usually fully booked 6 to 8 months in advance, but as his client base always say he is definitely worth the wait!.