Tattoo Artist

Middlesbrough & Ingleby

Script & Calligraphy | Black & Grey

Marco Riccardo

Marco initially joined Skins & Needles as a guest artist around 4 years ago, & has been a resident artist for over 3 years now! Marco is our Script & Calligraphy specialist: he is able work both in fine/simple script, as well as extremely detailed & custom script. Marco is trained to be able to free hand different font styles which suit and shape to the bodies unique muscle flow.

In addition, Marco enjoys producing Line work, Fine Line, as well as Black work tattoos due to all these styles needing amazing form and precision; they work hand in hand with each other and look amazing combined!

He not only has the ability to free hand his script, but also designs his own unique font! He’s a truly accommodating, talented and creative artist, who takes care of clients from the moment he picks them up at the reception, to his cohesive explanation of the aftercare process before they leave.

Marco’s an absolute perfectionist – you’ll be blown away both by his talent & exquisite customer service!


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