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Lucy originally studied Law at university and has been involved in office jobs ever since, but art has always been her true calling. She has loved drawing for as long as she can remember, and in the past couple of years Lucy has been focussing on her drawing commissions!

Before working on pencil realism commissions, Lucy turned her attention towards dotwork with a fine liner pen. As well as getting tattooed herself, her online community led her to finding and following many other tattoo artists online. She loves the process of pulling designs together and was often told to go into the industry by her friends! During an appointment with Nicky (one of our Durham artists) she encouraged her to apply for an apprenticeship. Lucy was so excited by the opportunity to head into the industry and turn her passion into a profession.

Lucy loves that tattoo in is an incredible expression of creativity for both the artist and the client. What makes tattooing incredibly unique is the amount of trust that customer will put into the artist to create something so personal and permanent. Lucy believes that it is very rewarding to have someone be proud of wearing her artwork on their body she also loves that the industry involves meeting all kinds of interesting people, taken on a variety of work whilst being in control of her own creative direction.

Her main inspiration for designs is from nature and animals. Lucy loves spending time outside and always finds that this gets her creativity flowing. She also takes a lot of inspiration from many artists that she follows online, both tattoo artists in different styles and traditional pencil water colour and oil paint artists.

Outside of tattooing, Lucy loves dancing to 80s music, travelling, eating good food, and other craft hobbies such as stitching.


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