Tattoo Artist




Liah joined us as an apprentice in April 2022 and started working on skin that September. Since then, she has developed her skills and focuses on Realism. Her all time favourite tattoos to create are pet portraits!

For as long as she could remember, she’s always aspired to be a tattoo artist with an excitement for design. At university she studied Illustration and Design, then furthered her education with a Masters Degree in Design. From this, she became an academic tutor on the same course she was previously a student. Liah is always excited to learn new techniques and develop her skills!

Liah’s main source of creative inspiration is organic nature- anything from leaves, florals, animals and more. She is a self confessed animal lover, especially birds, and loves to bring them to life in tattoo form. You can book a free consultation, or chat to Liah online about your ideas, and she will create your unique design and help you bring your vision to life! Liah works with both colour and black and grey, and mainly specialises in Realism and Illustrative styles inspired by her illustration background.

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