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Stipple & Blackwork

Kira Stevens

Kira joined us around 3 years ago & she has become such a valuable asset to our team! Her path to tattooing started very young; she would draw designs for family who would then get an artist to tattoo these: the path to a career in tattooing was born! She started her apprenticeship just before she turned 18, and then got her license towards the end of 2019. In November 2020, she joined Skins & Needles & has built a super solid & loyal client base!

Kira specialises in fine-line, stipple and blackwork designs – her favourite tattoos to do are stipple insects, animals and flowers. Kira often offers Flash Days, & continuously posts new beautiful flash pieces to choose from! You can find her flash book at reception for some inspo!

Her followers come from far and wide with people buying Kira’s designs worldwide. Some of her favourite artists include Florian Bousquet, Jade Reeves, Ryan Murray and Angelo Parente. Her interests include meeting new people, learning about different cultures and gaming, which she would love to do more tattoos based around!


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