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Blackwork & Fine Line Floral

Josh Nutters – Durham Tattoo Artist

Introducing Josh Nutters, our newest addition to the Durham team, specialising in the captivating world of Realism. Swiftly proving his worth, Josh not only brings a profound passion for black and grey realism but also emphasises horror-themed designs. His remarkable talent lies in creating stencils directly on the skin or enhancing existing ones, setting him apart as a standout artist. Whether you’re seeking Gothic or horror-inspired artwork, intricate realism, or personalised pet portraits, Josh is your go-to expert for all your black and grey tattoo needs.

Moreover, beyond his artistic prowess, Josh is celebrated for his friendly and laid-back demeanour, skill fully fostering a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for his clients. Going the extra mile, he consistently dedicates additional effort to ensure each client’s satisfaction, and we take great pride in having him as an integral part of our team.

Furthermore, even after a full day of tattooing, you’ll often find Josh at his station, dedicating his free time to the craft of drawing and painting. His artistic talents extend beyond the tattooing realm, excelling in both traditional and digital art forms.

In conclusion, Josh’s unwavering commitment and creative spirit make him an invaluable asset to our team. Explore the exceptional world of black and grey realism with Josh Nutters at our Durham studio, and witness his continued success and growth in his thriving career as a tattoo artist.


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