Tattoo Artist


Colour Traditional


Jordan’s journey began during the 2020 lockdown, when he decided to spend more time exploring and developing his creativity; by posting his work online, he was quickly approached by Skins and Needles!

He finds the consistent evolution within the tattoo industry extremely interesting, the craft of tattooing and how each individual artist works on the skin is something that he uses to develop his techniques.

Jordan specialises in Neo-Traditional style: he loves how the composition and elements are used to create a flow that works with the contours of the body, especially when colour is involved!

His favourite part about tattooing is meeting and getting to know new people, clients, and guest artists, along with the accessibility to new styles and consistent progression within his techniques.

Jordan is inspired by local and worldwide artists, following their work online and studying their composition and the way they incorporate different art into each tattoo. He’s always had an interest in getting tattoos from a young age, and to be able to provide the same service to others is something he’d only ever dreamed of doing – a dream come true!

Outside of the industry, Jordan loves spending time with his friends, gaming online and with his dog, Coco!


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