Tattoo Artist


Neo-Traditional & Blackwork


Chloe started her apprenticeship back in 2020 & joined our team in April 2022 – she hasn’t stopped bouncing around the studio since, attracting & building a solid client base! She has always been passionate about art in many different forms – from interior design, to painting skateboards, or fashion. She even has a diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration!

Chloe dedicates 100% of her time to the industry, her talents and development, pouring all her passion into both flash pieces & custom work. Chloe loves the freedom that tattooing gives artists; through her designs and tattoos she can express who she is as an artist. Tattooing brings her peace. Her favourite part of being a tattoo artist is the fact she has the honour to boost her clients’ confidence, and is thankful that she is able to have a positive impact on people’s lives!

Her quirky designs reflect her fun & bright personality, creating a niche style of her own. She has plenty of available designs at a discounted rate! These are also available as prints in the studio!

Chloe’s specialises in Neo Traditional & Black Work, although she also enjoys Japanese & Traditional work! She has created a niche style, bringing elements from different styles together! She mainly works in colour, but is also happy to work in black & grey!

Outside of work, Chloe enjoys gaming, building endless amounts of Lego and spending time with her three cats, Sinner, Saint & Diablo.


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