Tattoo Artist


New School & Trad Colour


From being a kid, Chez always had an obsession with tattoos and being creative in other ways such as making music and building. When leaving school, he took the opportunity to get into fabrication and focused on getting the art on his own body.

After 10 years of monthly sessions with our resident artist Adam Hawkes, he was given the opportunity of a lifetime to learn the craft, following his childhood dreams! Chez has been with us for over 3 years now, & stands out for his kind & bubbly personality, always putting a smile on people’s faces, whether it’s staff or clients!

Chez is keen to master the colourful style of New School, whilst incorporating some aspects of Traditional and Dot work. Additionally, he enjoys working with Script, whether it is fine, simple work, or more detailed & bolder pieces!

Chez’s interests include Harley Davidson motorcycles, all things Disney, Lego and being a big kid! But most importantly, his Pomeranians!


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