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Andy Tatters

Tatters specialises in traditional and American traditional styles, He was in desperate need of a career change after running bars/pubs for years, and Ian (one of our Durham artists) gave him the push and encouragement he needed to get into tattooing!

Tatters joined Skins and Needles as an apprentice in 2022, and gained his license in December 2022! He loves the creativity and push that tattooing gives you, he also loves how ‘super chill’ the industry is, whilst at the same time being really pro and innovative. There’s always something new and exciting happening.

Tatters focusses on the traditional and American traditional styles. He’s love to wrap his brain around a good chunk of old-school work, anything colour he LOVES!

His favourite part so far is learning how to translate designs into such a different medium. It’s really additive to get the line work just right, and he says that the bolder the line the better!

Sailor Jerry was his first ever inspiration for tattooing, but he loves the designs and pieces of a few home-grown heroes throughout the North East. Seeing the other artists in Durham every day gets his creativity flowing and allows him to really hone his talents.

Tatter’s hobbies outside of the studio include repairing and riding motorcycles, as well as playing in a band with his buds!

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