Tattoo Artist


Linework & Blackwork


Alisia Specialises in Line work/Blackwork, she always loved drawing as a kid, especially on her own skin. She would always be the first child at the henna stall in Turkey, or having her best friend Tabby draw on her at school. If she wanted drawings on her, she’d love the change to put them on others!

Alisia loves the idea of permanently decorating our skin with ink, and this is something she always thinks about with her designs.

She loves the antique feel of woodcut/engraving techniques within tattooing, she loves giving anything modern a creepy undertone! During her time as an apprentice with us, she loved that she had the opportunity to do something she never thought she would do.

Her main inspiration is other artists in the Durham and Middlesbrough studio, as well as spending time with them on a personal level. All of our artists spend time on both a friend and work basis, and Alisia is more than happy to develop herself personally and professionally!


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