Skins and Needles Director, Matthew Salvin, creates a new bespoke loyalty bonus scheme for longstanding members of the team and loyal contractors based on company profits and pledges to forge new partnerships in the New Year as a bid to reward his team even further.

Matthew, the Director of The Badger’s Elbow, Beckfields Studio Barbers and Hairdressers, Skins and Needles Middlesbrough and Durham, and House of Gentlemen, has rewarded loyal members of the team with shares and partnerships that have been in the business for a minimum of 5-years.

Matthew, an established businessman who has run multiple companies for over a 25-year period, announced this to his team as they prepared to break up for Christmas and New Year season. He told them that due to their loyalty and hard work over the years it was time they were consistently rewarded on an annual basis on top of their current wages for their efforts.

Skins and Needles Durham and House of Gentlemen have recently welcomed Paige Harker as a part-owner alongside Matthew as a reward for the continuous efforts and dedication that she has poured into the business since its opening in 2020, and before this as support in the Middlesbrough studio.

The team has seen multiple successes this year, with an impressive number of new staff members onboarded across the umbrella of companies, numerous awards won at the North East Beauty Industry Awards, our resident artist Jason Quinn winning first place in Blackwork at Marmaris Tattoo Convention, and personal development of all staff members through new technologies implemented into the business to support with the mental and physical wellbeing.

Multiple barbers and tattoo artists across the board have also been awarded with partnerships and directorships as a thank-you for their continued efforts.

“I want these businesses to grow beyond our wildest dreams and I cannot do this alone. We have plans to expand into other cities next year, and I need good people like you to help us achieve greatness. New partnerships will be built, and many other cities will be conquered. Thank you for standing by me, and Merry Christmas.”

Matthew also recently announced his partnership with BEATNIX, a Teesside-born brand dedicated to getting the story behind the Teesside industry into the global mainstream. Working alongside Middlesbrough Football Club and Middlesbrough Foodbank, Matthew saw an opportunity to help BEATNIX expand their business and their ability to create and promote their products, as well as share the Teesside story that we all know and love.

The brand continues to support local and wants to see the economy in Teesside grow and develop. Through partnerships, Skins and Needles can support wherever possible to help small, independent freelance businesses have a successful chance of a longstanding trading life.


The Skins & Needles Team

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