Skins and Needles Barbering Academy Success: Kieran’s Experience

After following Skins and Needles on social media for years, Kieran decided to become a member of the team within our Barbering Academy.

Kieran followed us online for a number of years and chose us to help accelerate his new barbering career by enrolling in our 2-Week Barbering Course.

Our 2-Week Barbering Course was created to provide our students with the best training possible, and our Head of Education has produced multiple award-winning trainees and barbers. Laura (the Head of Education) only allows small groups for the courses to ensure all of our students have the best training possible.

“My favourite part of the course was just being able to learn something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time…”

The 2-Week Barbering Course involves modules in salon hygiene, clipper and scissor techniques, fading, luxury wet shaving, and more. All of our courses are designed to make sure our students leave with not only a qualification, but the beginning of a successful and long-lasting career.

Kieran’s most challenging part of the course was learning how to cut longer hair because this was something he had no prior experience with. Kieran said, “Laura was so helpful in explaining and showing me how to overcome this challenge.”

“I really enjoyed the course and was gutted when it came to end. I learned so much and I realised after only a couple of days that it’s the industry and environment that I want to work in.”

Our academy delivers top-level CPD-accredited barbering training to those looking for a solid foundation for entry into the industry.

After completing the 2-Week Barbering Course at Skins and Needles, Kieran now works part-time in the industry and is working towards full-time barbering in the near future! Well done Kieran, we can’t wait to see your continued success and development!

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The Skins & Needles Team

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