We offer a full piercing service in the studio. Our piercer, Kim has been piercing professionally since 2006. Kim is fully licensed and registered with the local council for all piercing work, and we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding all health and safety regulations set by the local council. In addition to this, Kim is a proud member of the UKAPP (verify at www.ukapp.org.uk) and APP (verify at safepiercing.org) and on the current UKAPP board (vice president). We are also fully insured for ourselves and our clients.

Kim experienced in all piercing procedures, from ear lobes, noses and basic body piercing to more unusual piercings such as genital piercing, surface piercing, skin divers & microdermals. There are photos of the full spectrum of her work on her social media – Instagram @skin_seamstress and Facebook /skinseamstress – Please contact Kim on there or via email (skinseamstress@hotmail.co.uk) with any enquiries.

We only use single-use fully sterilized needles/scalpels/dermal punches and high quality implant grade internally threaded titanium body jewellery for all piercing work. We will not pierce with any jewellery bought elsewhere, and we never use ‘piercing guns’ or butterfly back studs. Where possible, all equipment is single-use and disposable. Where this is not possible, the equipment is sterilized in a vacuum autoclave in a sterilization pouch between each use.


Kim’s usual hours are 11am-5pm Monday-Saturday, please contact her directly to double check a specific day/time. Piercings are available on a walk-in basis (no appointment needed) – just call into the studio. Body modification work requires a face to face consultation, and then an appointment after a short ‘cooling off’ period.


We offer free, confidential, no obligation consultations on all piercing and body modification work. These consultations consist of a walk-through of the procedure, you can see the equipment that will be used on request and you will be shown jewellery options (for the initial piercing and for once the piercing has healed). Aftercare is also discussed and Kim can recommend certain products to you as well. This is also a good opportunity to ask questions that you may forget about on the day of getting the procedure done.


All piercings and other body modification procedures are treated in the strictest confidence. Kim works in an enclosed room for complete privacy and safety. In the interests of safety, only the person being pierced is permitted in the piercing room (with the exception of genital piercings, where a chaperone – a friend or partner – is allowed to accompany you).


We pride ourselves on our huge range of body jewellery stock in the studio. We carry several premium brands (Industrial Strength, Anatometal, Body Gems, etc) as well as a great standard range. All our jewellery is internally threaded and all initial jewellery meets UKAPP and APP jewellery standards. We can order body jewellery in any size/colour/style you would like, even if it isn’t part of our regular stock, just ask. Fitting is free with the purchase of any jewellery from us – and we even offer an anodising service to change the colour of your jewellery, which is free at the point of purchase (titanium jewellery only). Gift vouchers are available too – please contact Kim to purchase, or call in and ask for a piercing voucher (please note that tattoo and piercing vouchers are sold and redeemed separately and cannot be transferred). We offer a range of care products in the studio too – to help you achieve happy and healed piercings!


For general body piercing, you must to be 16 years of age or over. For genital, nipple, cheek/dahlia piercing and all body modification work, you must be 18 years of age or over. We operate ‘Challenge 25’ in the studio, so please bring valid, in-date photo ID.

Acceptable forms of ID are: Passport, Drivers Licence (or Provisional) or a proof of age card (such as Citizen Card) bearing the ‘PASS’ hologram. We do not accept photocopies or birth certificates and we do not accept ‘parental consent’. No one who is pregnant/breastfeeding or under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be pierced. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for medical or ethical reasons.