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Skins and Needles is home to some of the UK’s most renowned piercers. With a collective amount of experience of over 30 years, our studio prides itself on being in strict compliance with all health and safety regulations and exceed all minimum requirements set by our council. We are fully insured for both ourselves and our clients, with one of piercers being a proud member of the APP.

Durham Piercings

In Durham, our team of piercers offer friendly support and recommendations, making sure that our customer experience excels all other studios in the North East.

Our piercers are experienced in all piercing procedures, from ear lobes, noses and basic body piercing to more unusual piercings, surface piercing, skin divers & microdermals – we can do it all!


Durham: Monday-Saturday 

Piercings are available on a walk-in and booking basis.


Middlesbrough Piercings

Our piercer Kim has been piercing professionally since 2002 & she is fully licensed and registered with the local council for all the work we carry out.

She only uses single-use fully sterilised needles/scalpels/dermal punches and high quality implant grade titanium body jewellery for all her work.


Monday, Wednesday-Saturday 11am – 5pm (Our piercer is off Tuesday & Sunday).

Piercings with Kim are on a walk-in basis only, just call into the Middlesbrough studio!

Frequently Asked Piercing Questions


Free and confidential consultations are available upon request. We insist on a face-to-face consultation for custom piercing work and all body modification work. These consultations consist of a walk-through of the procedure, you can see the equipment that will be used on request and discuss the jewellery options. This is a good opportunity to ask questions that you may forget about on the day of getting the procedure done.


Looking after your piercings is extremely important. Find our detailed step-by-step guide below!


Aftercare Guide


Ear Piercing

Lobe, Helix, Pinna, Scapha, Cartilage, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Forward Helix, Snug, Conch, Rook, Anti-Lobe, Daith

£25 Each
2 for £40
3 for £60


Lip, Medusa, Nose, Septum (Durham Only), Eyebrow, Tongue, Smiley

£30 Each
2 for £50

Body Piercings

Nipple (18+), Navel (Bellybutton) £35 Each or 2 for £60
Surface Piercing, Microdermal, Skin Diver (All 18+) £40 Each or 2 for £70

£35 - £70

Other Services

Microdermal Removal £10
Jewellery Change £5 (Free if jewellery is purchased)
Aftercare Products from £5
Free Consultations

£5 - £10


Ear Piercing

Lobe (x1), Helix, Pinna, Scapha, Cartilage, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Forward Helix, Snug, Conch, Rook, Anti-Lobe, Daith

Transverse/Horizontal Lobe £50
Industrial/Scaffold £50

£30 Each


Eyebrow, Nostril, Lip, Labret, Madonna, Medusa, Labret, Vertical Lip, Smiley, Frowny,  Tongue Frenulum  £35
Tongue (+£5 for bar change after 1 week) £35
Cheek/Dahlia/Bridge (18+) £50


Body Piercing

Nipple (18+), Navel/Inverse Navel (Bellybutton) £35
Surface Piercing, Microdermals,  Skin Divers (all 18+) Various Styles Available £50
Intimate Piercings (18+) £50



All £30 Piercings: £55 for any 2
All £35 Piercings: £65 for any 2
All £55 Piercings: £95 for any 2


Short Answer: There aren’t any times I can guarantee that there will or won’t be a wait.

Long Answer: Due to not requiring appointments, there is no way of knowing how busy certain days and times will be. Generally, Saturdays between 2pm and 4pm are my busiest times, and early afternoon (1pm-2pm) on weekdays are quieter – but this is not an exact estimate. School holidays and bank holidays and ‘payday weekends’ (the weekend following the last Thursday of the month) are also generally busier times. I have a measure in place that when there is a queue, people will be seen to in the order they come in, sometimes I can do jewellery fittings/sales while other clients are filling in consent forms, but this is not always possible. If it is busy in the studio, I will always do my best to give an estimate on waiting times.

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Yes, but piercings are very quick. Many people will say “Oh, if it hurts I’m not getting it done, then”. But 99% of those people WILL get it done anyway! If your want for the piercing outweighs your worry of how much it will hurt – which in most cases it does! – you will end up getting the piercing done. Yes, there will be a pinch, nip or scratch and of course some piercing hurt more than others (as a general rule, softer tissue hurts less but swells more) but piercings are quick, and any discomfort is over with very quickly.

Short Answer: 10mins to half an hour in total.

Long Answer: Prep for a piercing (quick consultation, set up, cleaning, checking, marking, re-marking, re-checking and then the breakdown, clean up and aftercare chat) take 10-20mins – more if its paired piercings (pairs of nostrils, lips, cheeks, surface piercings and microdermals for example) as these require longer to mark – sometimes 45mins or more. The needle going from one side to the other takes under 2 seconds, sometimes slightly more in the case of surface piercings or microdermals. Sometimes people will feel lightheaded afterwards (this is why eating something before going to get a piercing is so important!) and this can mean I will need to spend longer in the piercing room with them. I will never rush a client who is feeling unwell, and I ask people who have been waiting to be mindful of this during busy periods – you wouldn’t want to be rushed, so please extend that courtesy to others!

Short Answer: 16+ for most things, 18+ for nipples, genitals, cheeks and body modification procedures. If I cannot legally own a photo of it, I cannot pierce it.

Long Answer: While there is no law with piercings (except genital piercings which are 18+ by law), I am only insured for people 16 and over. No parental consent, 16+ with photo ID or no piercing. Nipple piercing and cheek piercing (and genital piercing, obviously) I will only perform on people 18+ – there is no law involving ages for nipples/cheeks, I’m simply working with what I feel comfortable with.


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