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Introducing Skins & Needles Ingleby Barwick, a vibrant addition to the Ingleby community, set to revolutionise the local tattoo scene. Nestled in the heart of Ingleby, our studio combines artistic flair with a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Our team of skilled tattoo artists brings a diverse range of styles and expertise to cater to every client’s unique vision.

At Skins & Needles, we prioritise not only the quality of our work but also the overall experience for our clients. Our welcoming and hygienic studio provides a comfortable environment where individuals can express their creativity through the art of tattooing. As we open our doors to Ingleby, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey, where each tattoo tells a story and every artist is dedicated to transforming ideas into timeless works of art. Welcome to a new era of tattooing in Ingleby, where Skins & Needles is more than just a studio – it’s a celebration of self-expression and creativity.

Ink Now.
Pay Later.

We have partnered with Social Money Ltd t/a Payl8tr to enable us to offer customers the ability to apply for finance for their tattoo.

*Finance is subject to creditworthiness and affordability assessments.

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • High quality tattoos without having to wait
  • Laser tattoo removal available
  • Easy to apply
  • Free consultation regarding your tattoo
  • Funding from £200 – £1500 available


Guest Artists

Thinking of guesting with us or being a resident artist?

Find your artistic home at Skins & Needles!

Are you an artist with a passion for ink and a talent that knows no bounds? Skins & Needles welcomes you to explore the incredible opportunities that await you as part of our team.


Whether you’re considering a guest spot or envisioning a residency, Skins & Needles is your canvas to shine. We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our vibrant artistic community. We are the only tattoo studio in the UK that provides visa sponsorship for foreign talents.


Nestled within walking distance of Teesside University and surrounded by all the amenities you need, our studio offers a prime location for artists looking to realise their full creative potential. It’s where inspiration thrives!


At Skins & Needles, we understand the value of visibility. With a constant flow of clients, a robust marketing team, and a strong social presence, we have the tools to elevate your profile and build your clientele.


We’re not just a studio; we’re a team. Our friendly and approachable staff is committed to delivering an exceptional customer and staff experience. Here, you’ll find support and a welcoming atmosphere.

Ready to take your artistry to new heights? Skins & Needles is the place where your creativity can flourish, and your career can soar. Join us and be part of a community that celebrates the art of tattooing like no other.

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Hygiene & Safety

We are renowned for our strict hygiene and high standards throughout our studio, and have a reputation to prove it. During recent times, we’ve been even more proactive and have increased our policies to make sure everyone is kept as safe as possible.

Safety doesn’t just end at the studio, it’s important that you treat and protect your tattoo once you leave us, see our Aftercare guidelines.

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