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Your guest spot location:   Middlesbrough Durham


Middlesbrough holds the very origins of our passion, propelling us to the exceptional position we find ourselves in today. Our studio, a stunning display of contemporary design, has flourished across three impressive floors, serving as a sanctuary for over 17 remarkably gifted resident artists, each with their own distinctive flair and creative prowess.

Within our studio, we take immense pride in the exceptional talent that graces our walls. Our esteemed team not only comprises our in-house specialists but also features internationally acclaimed guest artists who journey from far and wide to exhibit their extraordinary work. This convergence of local and global talent creates an atmosphere of unmatched artistic diversity and innovation.

To our esteemed clientele, we are privileged to offer tailor-made designs that encapsulate your individual desires and personal narrative. The process of crafting a bespoke masterpiece, conceived with meticulous attention to your unique requirements and life story, brings us immeasurable joy. We are truly grateful for the trust you place in both us and our artists when embarking on this lifelong commitment. Your body is a living canvas, and we cherish the opportunity to collaborate with you in creating a mural that will endure the test of time.

At Skins and Needles, the success of our artists is the lifeblood of our collective achievement. We take great satisfaction in witnessing their growth and development, as their triumphs reflect our own. By fostering an environment that nurtures their talents, we ensure that they flourish alongside us, perpetually pushing the boundaries of artistic excellence.


Durham is our beautiful, picturesque branch located in the heart of the city centre. We have proudly expanded our pride and joy, Durham is our first stop and is certainly not our last. This hidden treasure is located above our talented barbering team in House of Gentlemen.

Opening in 2020, Durham is home to over 10 insanely talented artists and 2 professional piercers.

You will find out creative team on the 1st and 2nd floor of the studio, doing what they love doing - making you look good. There are no boundaries when we set our mind to it, our heart is in the industry and this is just the beginning.


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