Bringing Confidence Back Through Tattooing: Vicky’s Story

After being diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis just over 8 years ago, Vicky turned to Skins and Needles to help gain back the confidence she lost.

Vicky, from Hartlepool, described losing her 24-inch jet-black hair as ‘traumatic’ and it took her months of emotional preparation and contemplation to walk into Skins and Needles Middlesbrough for her consultation.

After building the courage to get in contact with us, our extensively trained desk team placed Vicky with Kira, one of our resident artists who specialises in linework and delicate blackwork. The team invited Vicky in for a private consultation with Kira to have a chat about her ideas and the Lord of the Ring themed headpiece was born. The design was finalised and the appointment was booked.

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During the process, our barbering team prepped Vicky’s hairline for tattooing, shaving off any remaining hair to provide a clean canvas for Kira (our pre-care is totally free of charge.)

“My experience from start to finish has been so amazing. From reception, hairdressers, other artists, every single one of them lovely and a pleasure to be around. Thank you to all of you, but thank you Kira you’re a star!”

Vicky has spent a number of sessions with Kira, including free sessions to top up her work, and we’re always excited to see her in the studio.

We’re so happy that Skins and Needles have been able to assist Vicky in her truly incredible hair journey in her own personal development since losing her hair, and we’re proud to call her a regular in the studio.

Thank you for putting your trust in us, Vicky. We’re so delighted with the outcome and seeing your smile return to your face.

Our team are specialised to put you with the best artist depending on your requirements. We’d love to have you in the studio for a free consultation with us!

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The Skins & Needles Team

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