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Guest Artists

We are continually on the look out for talented artists to join us for guest spots or residencies.

Situated within the heart of Middlesbrough & Durham, this is a prime spot for creative and driven artists to realise their potential. With a large foot flow of clients day in day out, a strong marketing team and social media presence, we can with ease build your clientele and offer you a great opportunity. We are a friendly and approachable studio and pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding customer and staff experience.

With years of experience in advertising, marketing and sales alongside a deep passion for the tattoo industry, our team will manage all of your bookings and ensure that you are always busy. We offer an abundance of support and even have accommodation available if needed.

Our studio is open until 10 pm from Monday to Saturday and open sunday, so the hours worked are completely flexible. We have recently branched out and opened another studio in Durham city centre where we are also looking to house resident artists, but if our Middlesbrough branch is a more suitable location for you, our beautiful picturesque Durham studio loves to have our residents’ guest with them and they are always welcomed and encouraged to do so.

If you are interested in being part of a strong established brand and taking the next step in your career, please apply now with your cover letter and examples of your work. Please include links to your social media pages along with your application.



170-172 Linthorpe Rd,
Middlesbrough TS1 3RB

Middlesbrough is not only our pride and joy it is where the passion was created to which lead us here. Our striking modern studio has expanded across three floors and is a home to 16 wonderfully unique resident artists.

We pride ourselves on our specialist talent within our studio which also includes our renowned international guest artists that travel to showcase their own individual artwork.

We are honoured to offer bespoke one off designs which have been produced with your requirements and story in mind, we love that we can work with you as an individual to create you a mural which lasts a lifetime. Your body is a canvas for which we are extremely grateful for the trust that comes with choosing us and our artists for this commitment. We thrive off the success of our artists and their ability to grow and develop with us if we succeed so do we and we encourage growth as much as possible.


10 Elvet Bridge
Durham, DH1 3AA

Durham is our beautiful picturesque branch located in the heart of city centre. We have proudly expanded our pride and joy “Skins and Needles”, Durham is our first stop and certainly not our last. This hidden treasure is located above our talented team of barbers “House of Gentlemen”.

You will find our creative artistic team on the 1st & 2nd floor doing what we love doing which is making you look good.

“Passion lead us here” is our slogan and we use this as our guide to remind us daily where we came from and what we are capable of, there are no boundaries when we set on mind but also our heart on our love for the industry.



At Skins & Needles, we value and treasure our talented artists, who are incredibly unique individuals that keep our business blooming. Each of them bring something fresh, unique and special to our studio, and we’d love to introduce them to all of you! Take a look at what our resident and guest artists have to say about Skins & Needles, as well as their style, personal fun facts, etc.

“More than a studio. It’s a warm place, let’s say family. When I come to work it’s my home. Skins & Needles cares a lot about each individual person.”

“I feel complete and work in a professional environment. Never worked anywhere to the magnitude of Skins & Needles. I feel more organised and I can express myself.”

“It’s fun for me to come to work as I have always wanted to be a tattoo artist. There is a crazy desk team that are always happy. I just get to focusing on tattooing.”

Matthew Larkin – @matsy__
“Just had my first guest spot with the guys here at Skins and Needles and I loved it, very warm welcome from the lot of them. The girls behind the desk are sweethearts. the street the shop is on is a great area for having some food and drinks after. Won’t be my last time working with the lads, see you all soon! “

Artemis – @arthesailor_tattoos
“Skins and needles is a great place to be guesting at, the staff are very friendly and helpful doing the most for the tattooers comfort. Skins also provides a nice guesthouse to the guest artists which is a 10-minute walk to the studio. Great environment, good people, good host! Will recommend to any tattooer to visit!”

Daniele – @danielebronson_tattoo
“As soon as I arrived I was immediately greeted by fantastic professional and very kind guys, a beautiful reality that of skins and needles, it was my first guest out of Italy and I was a little intimidated, but they helped me to feel at ease. A very nice environment as soon as you enter the Skins & Needles you immediately see the professionalism, the guys I had the pleasure of knowing were really nice and above all very good artists. in short, I had a great experience, I can’t wait to go back. a big hug.”

Mihalis – @mihalis_prokopiou_tattoo_art

George Brook – @brook_tattooligans

Vania – @vania_tattooist